2018 - : Small friendly hackspace in East London & EMF HQ (co-founder)
2015 - : Art/tech meetup for people doing strange things with electricity (org team)
2014 - : A community of people who get excited about cranes and pipes (co-founder)
2012 - : Camping festival for people with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things (co-founder)
2009 - : Community organisation dedicated to coordinating hackspaces around the UK (co-founder)
2006 - : Monthly conference after party without the conference (causes hangovers)

A memento to remember the EMF that never happened.
Mesh is a simplified 3D drone scan of EMF 2018. A collaboration with Morag Hickman.
A near-live view through 900 TFL cameras spread across London
Because it didn't exist anywhere online, or in the British Library
Letting people follow along with previous EMFs in real-time, after we cancelled the 2020 event
A twitter bot posting every attempt to register a UK political party
Mirroring & preserving code published by NHSX in case of takedowns
A 3D printable drink holder for hammocks

Still working on this. Things definitely happened between 2010-2019.

2009 - 2015 : The first hackspace in London, which at one point had 1300 members (co-founder / director)