2022 - : Community run venue, where we make interesting things happen (Trustee)
2022 - : Event creation collective (Operative)
2018 - : Small friendly hackspace in East London & EMF HQ (Co-founder)
2015 - : Art/tech meetup for people doing strange things with electricity (Organising team)
2014 - : A community of people who get excited about cranes and pipes (Co-founder)
2012 - : Camping festival for people with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things (Co-founder)
2009 - : Community organisation dedicated to coordinating hackspaces around the UK (Co-founder)
2006 - : Monthly conference after party without the conference (Causes hangovers)

Every public webcam in the path of the 2024 total eclipse, with a live umbra.

Completely forgot about this list for a year. I'll add the things at some point.

Machine-readable Glastonbury Festival lineups from 2015-2022, and enormous spotify playlists
An hourly updated public archive of all UK Notices To Airmen (NOTAM), because it didn't exist
I deployed free earplug dispensers at EMF to see if it would encourage use of hearing protection at gigs. It did
The tenth anniversary of the festival I co-founded in 2012. This ate most of the year

A tiny tool to remove the redaction from badly redacted PDFs
Open House has a truly atrocious website, so I automated data extraction and made it easier to bag venues
A single JSON file that describes every passenger airport and their outbound airline routes, automatically updated weekly
The birds make a complete mess of our lawn and I ordered the wrong thing
.museum is an extremely old and forgotten TLD, and I wanted to see what was left
The Freenode IRC network self-destructed, so I deployed a comic chat view of the support channel
Warning: Vile language in this chat
All things should be wall mountable
To my surprise, a tiny bit of code I wrote years ago was used on the Mars Helicopter Mission
After discovering I converted it into a 204 hour Spotify playlist of cowbell music
I dug into how Non Fungible Tokens actually work and made a lot of people very angry
I fed a decade of EMF talk titles into GPT-3 and had it imagine new ones
Later on I had it write the talks as well

While extracting vector artwork from, I recovered the lost swf2svg
code and wrote a tool to extract source code from Doxygen documenttion
Reverse engineered the Open House London listing API, because we must visit everything
While working for GDS I saw amazing Guy Fawkes cybersecurity posters in
Parliament so I filed a Freedom of Information act request to get hold of them
While taking my alcohol licensing exam I discovered a strange exception for hovercraft.
So we built a bar on one. A collaboration with Tom Scott and Matt Grey.
An electric blanket powered by USB-C Power Delivery, for winter use in parks while social distancing
Preserving the website of an obscure company that made experimental lifting body aircraft
A memento to remember the EMF that never happened.
Mesh is a simplified 3D drone scan of EMF 2018. A collaboration with Morag Hickman.
A near-live view through 900 TFL cameras spread across London
Because it didn't exist anywhere online, or in the British Library
Letting people follow along with previous EMFs in real-time, after we cancelled the 2020 event
We organised and then had to cancel Electromagnetic Field 2020 due to COVID
A tripod screw mount for the NanoStation AC, because my house is cursed and the
only way I can get fast internet upstairs is using wireless link gear rated for 10km+
A twitter bot posting every attempt to register a UK political party
Mirroring & preserving code published by NHSX in case of takedowns
A 3D printable drink holder for hammocks

Still working on this. Things definitely happened between 2010-2019.

2009 - 2015 : The first hackspace in London, which at one point had 1300 members (co-founder / director)

0 - 2008
Fairly sure I did things before 2008. I'll get there.